• Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

Each year we send out secret judges to rate & award 4 crafters for Best in Show with 1st place , 2nd , 3rd & honorable mention & those three judges go their own way & span 7 blocks to hunt for their favorite display. They rate them for attractiveness of their booth, quality, beauty and difficulty of craft and friendliness of crafter. Below you’ll find this year’s winners.


Gamaliel’s Wood Carvings won first in show awards him with $150, He is from Franklinton, NC

Linda Patrick Studios

Linda Patrick Studios, artwork of watercolors of rural VA, awarded $75, is from Lyndhurst VA

The Reinvented Home

The Reinvented Home, awarded $50 to Darlene Kelly with her Repurposed furniture & accessories, from Beaufort, SC

Colonial Wagon & Wheel

Colonial Wagon & Wheel, Metal Lawn & garden art, awarded Dave Anders Honorable mention of $25 and is from Lancaster, Ohio



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