Special Permits
Business Licensing
Business Considerations
Registering with the Police
Town of Clarksville Business Incentives
Industrial Parks & Utilities
Transportation, Workforce & Land Pricing

Special Permits

The Town Zoning Ordinance has provisions for home occupations. In some cases, a special use permit is required. Please contact the Town office at 434-374-8177 for more information.

Special permits also may be needed based on your type of business, such as:

  • ABC license
  • Building permits
  • Dance permit
  • Environmental determination
  • Health Department permit
  • Home Occupation permit
  • Parking permit
  • Sign permit
  • Zoning compliance
Business Licenses

A business license is required in the Town of Clarksville. Business licenses are required each calendar year. You can apply at Town Hall, 321 Virginia Avenue, 434-374-8177. The business license fee is based on gross receipts and the business, professional and occupation license rate as determined by industry.

  • BPOL Tax Rates per $100
  • Contracting (First $100,000) $0.16
  • Contracting (>$100,000) $0.12
  • Retail $0.15
  • Hotels/Motels (8 rooms or greater) $0.32
  • Repair & Personal Services $0.22
  • Financial $0.27
  • Real Estate & Professional $0.32
  • Wholesale Gross Receipts or Purchases $0.05

The business license application will require you provide the following:

  • Your federal ID number or your social security number.
  • Fiscal year or calendar year operation.
  • An initial business license is $30. Note: Out-of-town contractors are required to obtain a Clarksville business license when their gross receipts exceed $25,000 within town limits. In-town contractors report gross receipts not required to be reported to another locality.
  • A copy of the incorporation papers from the State Corporation Commission. If your business is not incorporated and is using a trade name, you are required with the Commission of Revenue Office to register the trade name with the Clerk of Circuit Court.

If you have two separate locations in the Town of Clarksville you will be required to have two separate licenses.

Business Considerations

If you are a retail business, you will need to register with the State Department of Taxation for a sales tax number. To download Form R-1, go to www.tax.virginia.gov.

Clarksville has a Meals Tax. Meals tax forms are available at Town Hall. If you will be offering food and beverages, you will need to register with the State Department of Taxation for a sales tax number and with the Mecklenburg County Commission of Revenue. You also will need to contact the Health Department.

If you expect to have employees, contact the Virginia Employment Commission regarding withholding information. Call or visit the VEC office.

If you are a contractor, you will need to file a Certificate of Insurance for Workers’ Compensation with the Commissioner of the Revenue when applying for a business license in each Virginia locality in which you are required to have a license. To download Form 61A, go to www.vwc.state.va.us.

Registering with the Police Department

When establishing a business in Clarksville it is helpful to stop by the police department to provide contact information in the event of an emergency.

Town of Clarksville Business Incentives

Industrial Real Estate Discount – Discount of 50% off the listed price of the property for businesses which make a $10 million private investment and within 30 months will create a minimum of 75 full time jobs as defined by the Commonwealth of Virginia

Economic Stimulus Grant – A six-year stimulus grant based on machinery/tools tax payments (tax rate $0.30/$100) for businesses which create a minimum of 50 full time jobs within 30 months. Recipients of the Economic Stimulus Grant are ineligible to receive Job Grants. Grant percentages are 100% in year 1, 80% inyear 2, 60% in year 3, 40% in year 4, 20% in year 5 and 10% in year 6.
Job Grants, Grants of $400 per job for industries creating 15 to 50 full time jobs within 30 months. One-time payment made when LEZA is satisfied with certainty of the jobs creation. Recipients of Job Grants are ineligible to receive the Economic Stimulus Grant.

Waiver of Zoning Permit Fees – Businesses locating in the zone will have zoning permit fees waived.

Waiver of Water and Sewer Connection Fees – Water and sewer connection fees will be waived for businesses locating in the zone.

Central Business District Stimulus Grant – A four-year stimulus grant based on the Business, Professional, & Occupational License (BPOL) tax payment for businesses making a $100,000 private investment and creating a minimum of 5 full time jobs within 18 months. This is a four-year stimulus grant based on the Business, Professional, & Occupational License (BPOL) tax payment: 100% in Years 1 & 2, 75% in year 3, and 50% in year 4.
Central Business District Tax Assessment Relief – Business renovations in the Central Business District will be taxed on the pre-renovated condition of the property for three years. Renovations must be implemented in the Central Business District. Renovations must total at least $20,000.

Industrial Parks

Two industrial parks are located in Clarksville.
Lake Country Industrial Park – 32 acres located off Hwy 15 South of 58 on Noblin Farm Road.
Virginia Lakeside Commerce Park – 265 acres located on Hwy 58 east of downtown.
The zoning in the industrial parks is M1, industrial, and they are sub-dividable.

photo by Justin Eubank


Electricity: Dominion Virginia Power (LakeCountry) Mecklenburg Electric (Lakeside)
Gas: Columbia Gas of Virginia
Water: Town of Clarksville, 1,000,000 GPD capacity
Sewer: Town of Clarksville, 550,000 GPD capacity
Telecom Providers: Verizon (fiber-opticsat site)


Highway: US route 15 & 58 at site, I-85 25 miles
Commercial Air: Raleigh/Durham International 60 miles
General Aviation Air: Marks Municipal Airport 5 miles, 4,500 ft. Runway


Size: 24,508 within 30 mile radius, 38,590 within 60 miles
Training: New state-of-the-art center where business can train employees on their own equipment while their new facility is under development

Land Pricing

Price: $20,000 to $25,000 per acre
Options: Build-to-suit available, lease/purchase
For more information about doing business in Mecklenburg Country industrial park, contact:

Angie Kellett
Director of Economic Development,
Mecklenburg County
PO Box 307
Boydton, VA 23917
Phone: (434) 738-6388
Fax: (434) 738-6804
Email: angie.kellett[at]mecklenburgva[dot]com