The Town of Clarksville has a council-manager form of government, with a seven-member Town Council headed by a mayor. A town manager oversees the daily operation of the town. Clarksville has an active Planning Commission, Industrial Development Authority, and Board of Zoning Appeals.

Town of Clarksville
P.O. Box 1147
Clarksville, VA 23927

Fire, Police and Rescue
For any emergency dial 911. To reach central dispatch call 434-374-8100.

Police protection is provided by a nine-member force. The Clarksville police department is located in the same building as the Fine Arts Center, 914 Virginia Avenue.

The county sheriff’s department employs 30 officers, including investigators. 434-738-6171.

Additionally, there are 13 state police assigned to the area. 434-447-4121.

Fire protection is provided by a volunteer staff of 40 inside and beyond the corporate limits. The town has a fire insurance rating of 5A.

Clarksville Fire Department, Inc.,
1008 Virginia Avenue,
P.O. Box 1371,
Clarksville, VA 23927,
434-374-5560 (fax),

Emergency rescue service is provided by the Mecklenburg County Rescue Squad located on Highway 15 South.

Clarksville consists of 2.9 square miles (1518 acres) situated in the Piedmont Physio-graphic Province on flat to gently rolling terrain in the Roanoke River watershed area, 330 feet above sea level.

photo by Justin Eubank

Natural Resources
Kerr Reservoir (Buggs Island Lake) is the major surface water resource in the area. Ground water is used outside of town limits with large diameter wells, 30 to 50 feet deep, with good water and a low amount of dissolved solids. The area is underlain by igneous and metamorphic rocks. Mineral resources include granite, sand, clay, and copper ore.

A relatively moderate climate prevails, with annual average figures below:
Temperature – 57.8
January temperature – 37.0
July temperature – 77.5
Heating degree days – 3878
Cooling degree days – 1074
Rainfall- 37″
Snowfall- 16.4″
Prevailing winds – South to Southwest, West to East


Town limits – 1105